Finding Inner Peace Through Throwing the Printer Across the Room


Yesterday I had one too many times of this piece of shit NEW Canon printer breaking down. I picked it up and threw it across the room. Then I did it again. And once more. Third time is a charm. It was so satisfying. I have wanted to do this forever.

The result was a complete state of calm and inner peace. Molto tranquila. Ahhhhhhh.

This was better than yoga or meditation.

Almost better than anything. Well, not quite anything.

I then called Office Max to see what my new printer options might be. They patched me over to their tech guy and I recounted my printer throwing story , and that I was in need of a new printer and NOT a Canon. He cracked up and said I was his kind of person and to come see him today – he would get me all situated with a nice new Epson printer and to bring in the smashed up one – Office Max will give me $50 off the price of the new one for my “trade in”… This is GREAT – not only did I find inner peace by throwing the printer across the room but I am getting paid $50 for it.

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1 Response to Finding Inner Peace Through Throwing the Printer Across the Room

  1. gayle hajek says:

    Oh oh……..I just looked up and my new Canon printer looks like it could be the one you gave a toss. I will keep the remedy in mind.

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