Let me introduce myself

Thank you for stopping by.

I love blogging.

I find it to be immensely creative and satisfying. I had another blog a few years back, VITA, and it served me well for several years. I went through some major transitions a few years ago which called for a complete redesign of my life, and consequently, my blog as well.  I currently live in Portland, Oregon with my 17 year old son Corey, the black dog Sogni, and Freddy the cat. My older son Jesse, is away at college for a few more months until graduation. Corey will leave home in a few months for college and Jesse will move back home…a bittersweet blessing.

I was very fortunate to live in Florence, Italy in 1976-77 with a study abroad program. It completely changed the trajectory of my life and began my life long love affair with Italy. In 2001, my then-husband, two young sons, and I moved to the Tuscan hill town Cortona, Italy for one year. We enrolled the boys in the local elementary school where no english was spoken, and immersed ourselves in living life in Italy. It was an adventure beyond anything I could have imagined and impacted all of us in numerous ways.  During that year we stumbled upon the opportunity to buy a slice of Italy in the center of Cortona, and went on to restore and re-design a 500 year old home, Casa San Marco. The experience of becoming a citizen this ancient town, has been one beyond my wildest dreams and I feel incredibly blessed to have had this opportunity. It has not been a fairy tale all the time by any means, at times it has been incredibly challenging and there have been periods when I have wanted to hang up the proverbial “FOR SALE” sign. But I would not change a  thing: the challenges, the incredible adventures and magic moments.

I have always been self employed, creating businesses that are creative in nature. I am at a crossroads of finding myself as “an artist” and am looking to actively engage in that process as my life’s work, for this next chapter of my life.

I Heard Myself  is my vehicle to share with you my journey as a woman artist, living in 2 diverse cultures and many of the experiences I have had and continue to have as my life unfolds. My intention with my blog is two fold and probably more. First,  it is my deep desire to express myself creatively and share that with all of you. Second, I wish to reach out and connect with a larger community of like minded people, who are actively engaged in creative pursuits, or living a creative life. I am seeking my tribe.

Thank you for joining me!



Me, Stacey

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