Roma, Cortona and Beyond


I can hardly believe that I am headed back to Rome 2 weeks from today, and subsequently Cortona.

I am beyond excited.




I have been anticipating this empty nest for sometime, both boys, Jesse and Corey are now launched in their adult lives, Corey in college and Jesse finding his way after college.  It is time for me to explore a bit and see what my post child rearing life will offer.  What better place to begin this journey then back to where my heart resides, Italy.

I will work and live in Italy for the next 2 months, based in Cortona without some huge restoration project on Casa San Marco, travel a bit, and simply be open to the adventures that present themselves. It is a little bit scary, but mostly exciting, and no matter what, I am sure it will not be noioso or boring.

Maybe I will even study Italian and learn to speak it better, I am quite bored of just getting by after 30 + years. It would be lovely to speak it fluently, I have sufficient motivation now.

I will miss my life in Portland, the past 6 weeks have been incredible, forming many new friendships and deepening the ones that are in place.  I love my people here, I am so blessed with an incredible community of support and comfort.

And I will miss my sons, yet I know that they are now entering some of the most exciting years of their lives, they are amazing, well adjusted young men and I know they will be just fine without Mom for a bit.

Time to pack le valige.





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4 Responses to Roma, Cortona and Beyond

  1. Barbara says:

    Like is not enough, I do not want to be the first to “like this” facebook. I love this. Bon voyage by long legged, beautiful, red-headed friend. Well in two weeks bon voyage.

  2. Larry Snyder says:

    Buon Viaggo. I’m inspired by your possibilities.

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