August Moments in Portland, Oregon

It usually takes me about 6-8 hours to create a blog post. Start to finish. Editing photos, processing them in Photoshop until they are my version of perfect, inserting them into the blog and then writing the post. Maybe it does not take normal people this long. But I am very obsessional, an artist, and a perfectionist. So it takes a while. Therefore, I do not make as many blog posts as I would like. So tonight, I decided to do it differently.

I have had some absolutely stellar moments since I returned from Italy two and a half weeks ago. Instead of spending all day going thru the arduous process of creating a blog post, I decided to just throw some photos up – more of a photo essay. Just to capture the moments. It has been a great 2 1/2 weeks. Certainly the best re-entry from Italy that I have ever done. Usually I am a hot mess for about a month after my return from my beloved Italian madness. This time?

Three days.

 Thats all it took. I have some theories about that, but I will save those for another day. Otherwise, I will be here another 6-8 hours.


My boys, Corey and Jesse.  The day after we returned, August 5,  Jesse celebrated his 22 year old birthday.

I am proud of him. I don’t like the word proud.  But there it is. Proud. I just am.



Backyard. Early morning.



 I met her 7 days ago. But it surely has been at least 700 years. I know we have known each other in a million lifetimes. We are glued at the hip.


My hot, amazing, outrageous friend Deanna. I met her at yoga 2 years ago. Sometimes she wears a leapord hat with little teddy type ears. And cowboy boots. Or something like that. Today, she is rockin’ the stilettos. I might have to try that.

Quite soon.


Corey washed all his tailored Italian shirts that I have bought for him there. I told him not to put them in the dryer. This was his solution for hanging them out to dry. Of course, they were still on the front lawn when I came home tonight. In the dark.


11My beloved Sabrina, friend of 21 years. Making a special stop to wish my Corey Buon Viaggio and good luck on his journey to college tomorrow. Is he really leaving home tomorrow? Yes.


 Sabrina brings me a $500 Italian chocolate brown leather skirt that she found at Goodwill for $5. It doesn’t fit her.

Lucky me.  It is now mine. Grazie infinite Sabrina!

Smooth like butter and fits like a glove. Super hot. It needs to go back to Italy with me.

Deanna, do stilettos work with a leather skirt?


L’Ultima Cena, the Last Supper at Fireside with some of my boys, Andre, Corey and Owen

15Yoga today with my awesome yoga girl pals at Yoga Pearl.
uzanne, me, and Mercedes. And Britt of course. The stunning blond – arms outstretched. Our beloved teacher.  She works magic.


Shannon’s second day at class with Britt. She is hooked.


That only took 1 1/2 hour. Not bad. I will try this more often.

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3 Responses to August Moments in Portland, Oregon

  1. I love looking in to your world Stacey. Your son needs a laundry line! Thank you for posting! xoxoox S

  2. monicadevine says:

    Fun post. Handsome young men. I love Italy too. And yoga!

  3. Hi Stacey, I landed on your blog and have been having an enjoyable time reading your posts. Love your adventures in Italy. Cortona was my favorite town when I visited there, oh my, 17 years ago! Time to go back…I hope soon. good thoughts, Lindy

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