January Full Moon

I get updates in my email box when Britt, my yoga teacher posts on her blog. A few days ago she had a wonderful post about the full moon tonight. Whenever I practice yoga with her, approaching a full moon, she reminds us of setting our intention for our lives during the full moon, it is a powerful manifesting time. To see her post about the full moon, go here…                                                                                                                                              

I  did NOT do everything she suggests for this evening, taking a hot bath, turning off cell phones, TV’s (hey, the was Blazers vs. Clippers, Corey would have killed me and besides, it was a great game) … I did however make a killer flank steak dinner for Corey and Andre, with brownies , warm raspberry sauce and ice cream for dessert. So I got the dinner/dessert thing down that she recommends.

But I was also determined to do SOMETHING to set those intentions in alignment with the full moon…so after dinner… coughing and hacking (yes, still sick)  I trudged up the hill behind my house, looked up at the winter moon in all her stark , crisp, glory amongst the  barren trees and contemplated  about what my intention is for the coming months.

Full Moon and Intention

This is great, I feel, well… so accomplished! Or something.

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1 Response to January Full Moon

  1. Kira Elliott says:

    I love your Photo and I never thought to set intentions at the full moon. what a great idea.

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