San Francisco Alchemy

I had the opportunity last weekend to make a quick trip to San Francisco, for the purpose of doing a workshop of some folks that I’ve been following for a while. Remember Law of Attraction? Yeah, those guys, Abraham-Hicks, the real deal with Esther and everything. I’m not going to get into it much here, but the basic premise is that our thoughts create our outward reality, our physical experience. You can go to their website and read all about it here.  I’ve studied metaphysics most of my adult life and always subscribed to this stuff, and when I discovered Abraham-Hicks a few years back, I realized it was the same truths I had always believed, just re-packaged and reformed.  A few months back, I decided I needed a little jump start to get me moving in the direction that I wanted to go next. Nothing prepared me for this most profound experience I had at this workshop, and I couldn’t tell you a thing about it, cause I don’t remember the “words” but I do remember the feelings and the subsequent feelings I have had all week since, and I can tell you, it is pretty great. Best week I have had in years. Seriously, I am NOT kidding.

Check it out if you want.

law of attractionI then went on to stay with one of my oldest and dearest friends, Annamarie, who was my cohort when we moved to Italy in 1976 to embark on our grand adventure of living in Florence for a junior year abroad, an experience that defined and set all 5o kids onto a very different life trajectory then they would have imagined.

Annamarie asked me if perhaps on Sunday if I’d like to go to the Alameda Antique Fair that happens once a month. Would I? Are you kidding? Junking at the Alameda Antique Fair? I can’t think of a single thing more delicious. I had never been, and I’ve been a hardcore junker for most of my life, this flea market was over the top AMAZING! We had a MAGNIFICENT DAY!

Picture this: Out on a point in the East Bay,  jutting out into the San Francisco bay, overlooking the city, beautiful sunny day 65-70 degrees and several football fields worth of antiques and junk of the best kind. I’ve not seen anything like this in a while. I was swooning and wondering where have I been all this time?


Annamarie and I quickly split off, having a rendevous point at the garbage dumpster every hour on the hour, so we could do our own thing.  I zeroed in immediately on fashion, stumbling upon the Bakelite Lady, Pam Lee, quite infamous I know now but I did not know that when I straggled up to her booth. She had the most impressive collection of bakelite jewelry I have ever seen, but that’s not what got me.

It was the French vintage hair combs and sticks, all glittering and shiny and vintage and well, FRENCH…with the promise that if I used these hair accessories, I could look French and chic too. I was hooked, captured.  This woman Pam, has to be probably the best saleswoman I have ever encountered.   I would drink her Kool Aid any day…She whipped out those hair sticks and combs and had my hair up in chignons, french twists, braids , you name it, she did it and all the while telling me what beautiful hair I have, how I need to accessorize it, and I will be ever so French and sexy. Just sign on the dotted line.

Yes ma’am.

I will do whatever you say. If it means I will look younger, more beautiful, sexy and attractive, take my wallet and all my credit cards and my first born son while you’re at it. You can have the second son too.

bakeI looked over next to me and saw a fabulous looking woman with GREAT style that I could see was getting caught up in the Bakelite Lady’s magic as well. I loved her hair and her clothes and I will ALWAYS talk to strangers (usually women) about their clothes…We quickly became partners in crime, and let the Bakelite Lady sell us probably too many combs and hair sticks but what the hell, it was fun.

Meet Yolanda, my partner in crime. I studied her look carefully cause thats what I do, all the way down to the skinny H&M white jeans with the black skirt and suede boots. I now have a similar look going in my closet, I just need to get to H&M for the white jeans. Yolanda has been using her combs and sticks everyday and loves them. (We have been texting) I love my combs and sticks too. And they are still in the bag, unopened. I have not had the courage to get them out and become French quite yet. It will happen.

IMG_6628Annamarie and I meet up and ooh and ahh over each others finds, we take pictures so that I can write this post.

IMG_1067 IMG_1071IMG_1074I saw a million things I wanted to photograph so that I could really paint a picture of the day, but I forgot my IPhone in Portland, (I survived for 3 days without a phone, incredible!) so I had to rely on Annamarie’s phone for photos. It worked fine but I didn’t really want to be using her phone all the time as a camera. Just as well. Forced me to just be in the moment.

IMG_1082IMG_1088Finally it is about 3 pm and all the vendors are leaving because it is Super Bowl Sunday and for some reason I find hard to understand, most people want to watch a silly football game rather that pound the pavement til midnight at the Alameda Antique Fair.  Annamarie and I closed the place down at 4 pm, there was maybe 2 lone vendors left in this enormous parking lot…we just wanted to stay a little longer, please??? But we left, satisfied and happy with our magic day…a day made in paradise.  Stay tuned for the spoils of the Antique Fair.


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5 Responses to San Francisco Alchemy

  1. We need something like this in Portland. The Portland Flea is tiny, but hopefully growing! I love your writing & you need to post a picture of the French hair combs stat. Keep up the blog – it rocks.

  2. It sounds like you are doing well and I am really happy to hear it! =)

  3. sjlutat says:

    Love your post…the pictures are amazing…by the way sooooo jealous. Flea Markets don’t start for another three months…miss them. My perfect day…antiquing with an unlimited amount of cash:) I enjoyed vicariously shopping with you! So cool! Law of Attraction…it is what I live by…purest of truths.

  4. Polly says:

    I love this story.

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