Truett’s Birthday Book

My friend Truett, (she also happens to be my son’s, Corey’s girlfriend), turned 19 a few weeks ago. I have known Truett about 2 years, I first saw her in a Lincoln High School Production of “Jesus Christ Superstar.” She played Judas, and in her solo song, she sang like no other I have ever heard. Voice of an angel. She will go far with that voice. Even now, two years later, when I hear her sing, I am reduced to a puddle of tears. I have never heard a voice that beautiful. Really. And I’ll get to say I knew her when.

tru copy

Anyway, I wanted to make her something for her birthday, and I had staged a photo shoot with her and Corey a while back, with their hands touching each other, kind of like Michelangelo’s Hand of God giving life to Adam, from the Sistine Chapel. I knew I wanted to do a piece with this photo of their hands, but wasn’t sure what, but the inspiration came as Truett’s birthday approached.

Michelangelo's Hand of God Giving Life to Adam

Here’s the photo I started with.


Grabbed one of my many antique books, choose a paper, some lace , a frame,  that would work with what I had in mind.

The ElementsCarved the niche, gilded the sides, started dropping, gluing, and affixing the elements.


I inserted vintage heart buttons and cabochons into the framed niche and enclosed with a transparent surface. They move around, like the little shaky games we played with as kids.  My artist friend Geoffrey commented that the shaky hearts were like those in a relationship, sometimes they stand still, strong and stable and other times they are shaky and turbulent. I love that analogy.
The Finished Cover

I used an antique vial of green pigment paint powder, sealed it up, and pasted the dictionary definition “amore” on the front of the vial. Anchored the vial to the book cover, attached the ribbon closure and vintage French rhinestone buckle- and it is just about done.

Side view

But I am not done. I can’t just put this in a plastic zip lock bag and give this to her, can I? No. Assolutamente not.  So, being the compulsive, obsessive perfectionist that I am, I proceed to sew a pouch/cover out of a few the of Cisco sample sofa fabrics that I inherited when we closed Urbino. I have about 46 drawers full of every kind of fabric imaginable, all in tidy 10×12 pieces, great for this kind of work.

11Book Pouch

In the making of this piece, I wanted to convey the strong love that Truett and Corey share. The vibe washed over me and I was struck with how fortunate they both are to have experienced this big love at such young ages.  They are wonderful and I have been honored and blessed to be a witness to their continual evolution with each other and within themselves.


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10 Responses to Truett’s Birthday Book

  1. Jason Friedman says:

    So sweet Stace. You’re the best mom ever! Happy belated birthday to Truett. May the experience of their love serve them forever!!

  2. iheardmyself says:

    Thank you Jason!! Oxo

  3. Laura says:

    Oh Stacey!! I have no words–well some :). I too feel both amazed and lucky to share in the relationship our dear kids have built together, and your birthday gift is the most beautiful, artistic manifestation of their love that I could imagine.
    Thank you!!! xo xo

  4. Polly says:

    This is lovely and meaningful Stacey. A Capolavoro for sure!

  5. It’s beautiful, just like the woman who created it. I’m looking forward to seeing you Friday! =)

  6. Robby says:

    What a wonderful post from a talented artist!

  7. Mitch Mattraw says:

    Beautiful Stace, really wonderful for a wonderful young lady!

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