Gratitude Journal

Last year I read Melody Beattie’s Make Miracles in 40 Days, and actually did it, kept a gratitude journal for 40 days, not skipping a single day.  I went on to have one of the most incredible months of my life. I have since fallen off that track, a year later, but been “thinking” about doing it again.  (Thinking gets me into trouble. Right action is where its at for me)…

So acting instead, I flew into the studio, with only a few hours to spare, and created an gratitude journal by collaging the cover of one of the 34 blank Moleskin journals I have lying around. (I bought a ton of Moleskins on sale, “thinking” I was going to be art journaling everyday for the rest of my life. Haven’t quite gotten there yet.In any event, I only had a few hours to make this, and for me to start this journal, I wanted a cool cover  that would be inspirational to look at everyday.

A few hours is sometimes all it takes, I work best under the gun.

Now a week later, I have not skipped a day of writing in my sweet little journal, 10 minutes each day, all that I am grateful for, all the good stuff and all the stuff that I don’t like as well, because I know that it is there to teach me something…and I have to say, some things are shifting. Coincidence? Hmmm…who knows..doesn’t matter, I’m liking the results.
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5 Responses to Gratitude Journal

  1. Debi burton says:

    Hi Stacey! It was GREAT meeting you at Portland Expo. Can’t wait to see you again….will be coming to visit PDX around end of November. Let’s stay in touch! I’m so GRATEFUL we met in person! xoxo Debi

  2. kathleen cacouris says:

    Love this! I journaled daily years ago , after reading the artists way , and iut was life changing. A reminder to get it out of my head and body and onto paper to clarify and release. Thanks Stace!

  3. How completely beautiful. I want some studio days with you. Lori. Karen. and a whole lot of chocolate and prosceco. oxoxoxoox And figs. S

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