La Rosa dei 4 Venti and Sam Fitch

I am creating this post on the 2 year anniversary of the Sam Fitch’s departure from this plane of existance. It is something that has been my intention to do for nearly a year, but it was important to me to create this story on this day that marks  Sam’s passage.

Last year, I attended  an incredible week long yoga retreat at an ashram retreat center in Puglia, Southern Italy, at one of the most magical and special places I have ever been to,  La Rosa dei 4 Venti

I had found it on line, by chance, a year earlier and vowed to visit one day. And so it was, one year later.

That same year, 2014, around the time that I had learned of this remarkable retreat center, my dear friends, Tobey, Teri and Aggie Fitch lost their son and brother, Sam Fitch, as he was riding his motorcycle on an open stretch of road during the lunar eclipse, April 14, 2014, in Montana. His death has impacted everyone of us who know and love the Fitchs.

His family created river rock stones, with Sam’s name written on the stones, to be distributed to friends, loved ones, so that each of them could place a “Sam Stone” in a special place of their choosing. I have witnessed many beautiful photos/posts on Facebook where people have placed these sacred stones. When I received mine, 2 years ago, I knew that I needed to place it in just the right place in Italy. It took a year for me to find this place, and when I arrived at La Rosa Dei 4 Venti, I knew this was the place for my Sam Stone. I waited until the last day of this magical yoga retreat, deliberately rising with the sun, and set about creating a ritual dedicated to Sam, Tobey, Teri and Aggie.



La Rosa dei 4 Venti


Sunrise on June 26, 2015


The centuries old church, now a mix of original Catholic and Eastern spiritual traditions. It was here that I found myself each morning, in quiet reflection and meditation.


I placed my Sam Stone, here, for a quiet moment of meditation and prayer.


I then visited Buddha, where I placed my Sam Stone on the lotus flower that rests on Buddha’s hands, for another temporary stop on our sunrise pilgrimage.


The final spot where I would leave my Sam Stone. I had been fascinated by these architectural structures in the Puglia region of Italy, called Trulli, which were built as temporary shelter and homes for farmers in this region, hundreds of years ago. They mesmerized me during my stay, and I knew that Sam’s Stone had to be a part of this structure. I wanted to place the stone up in the laddered crevice, but it was impossible to reach. I grabbed a chair from the dining area, and placed Sam’s stone on the corner, as pictured, then I tucked it way back in the crevice, where I trust it remains today, undisturbed and is now a part of this spiritual and powerful place in Southern Italy.



With love to you ~ Sam, Tobey, Teri and Aggie Fitch

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