Casa San Marco, Cortona, Italia; April 2013


This past March-April, I was in Cortona for a few weeks, doing one of the most exciting projects I have ever participated in, staging and photographing a PROFESSIONAL photo shoot with the most incredibly talented photographer, Alice Falzone, became my friend last year in Portland, Oregon where she lives with her partner, the ever so cute Josh Kincaid. The two of them own and operate Mosca Studio.  Alice is originally from Rome, but has lived in Portland now for many years. To see the story of how we met, go here.

In any event, we ended up in Cortona together this spring, along with Alice’s friend Michelle, who along with my friend and neighbor on Via San Marco, Patrizia and worked non-stop around the clock to pull this project off in a week. I KNOW that Alice did an amazing job with the photos, as I looked at handfuls along the way.

However, I did not know the full impact of all 1600 photos until a few weeks ago. Alice got the post edited photos to me in a very timely manner last summer, but I never looked at them until it was time to started picking and choosing which ones would make it to the new website that my talented friend, Didi Davidovich is designing for Casa San Marco.

I was stunned upon seeing them.


Over welmed.


And so very appreciative of  how Alice captured my vision and the essence of Casa San Marco, the home I have poured my heart and soul into over a period of 12 years , restoring , fixing, building a new roof, designing, making countless trips to the Arezzo Antique Market, Pissignano Antique Market, Emmaus and wherever the hunt took me in order to furnish and detail this home in exactly the perfect way, according to my dream.

The photos make me cry and laugh, all at once.

They are simply beautiful.

Thank you Alice.

And I have started this post at nearly midnight, and it is clear to me that my eyes are closing and it is pointless to continue but I will put up  a few of these photos as a teaser, and will continue this photographic essay tomorrow, just a small taste of the 1600. Stop by and see the rest tomorrow.

A domani…

casasanmarco-moscaphoto-tuscanytravel-italytravel-photography-1209 casasanmarco-moscaphoto-tuscanytravel-italytravel-photography-2711


casasanmarco-moscaphoto-tuscanytravel-italytravel-photography-1683 casasanmarco-moscaphoto-tuscanytravel-italytravel-photography-1677 casasanmarco-moscaphoto-tuscanytravel-italytravel-photography-2731

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