Road to Morocco

Today I leave Firenze, and Western civilization as I know it to embark on an exotic adventure.

20140214-212143.jpg20140214-193854.jpgm7m1My friend Barb mentioned to me a few months ago that she needed to be in Morocco in February, would I want to join her…


I was imagining shopping in Marrakech, looking glamourous at some cafe or casbah like the ladies below. A good fashion opportunity.






But no. Barb is having none of that. She has convinced me it will be a good idea to go on a guided Sahara desert tour where we ride camels in the desert and camp like nomads in tents with our camels under the stars. Those who know me, know that this is somewhat absurd, this would probably be the last thing I would ever choose to do on earth. However, I have been taught in recent years to say yes to any reasonable request.

So desert and camels it is.

3 11.41.23 PM


I am thinking that I will not be looking so glamorous and fashionable when I straggle back in from the Sahara Desert, rather, Ill be looking and feeling kind of grim and dazed after 2 days without coffee and on the back of a camel, sort of like these Berber gals look below.

12m 11   7m   I can simply just dream about sipping fruit drinks at the casbah, lounging around in flowy silk garments, staring off into the desert sunset. 2

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7 Responses to Road to Morocco

  1. frankiebouv says:

    too fabulous!! love it.

  2. Moira says:

    I saw the sign for that Pontorno/Rosso exhibit on the side of a bus when I was in Firenze last month. Did you get to go? I can’t wait to get the full scoop on Morocco!

  3. Christina wilson says:

    Stacy… I was in Morocco in the fall and went on a camel safari. My favorite was the night and all the stars! Have an adventure!! Love Tina in Portland

  4. Debi burton says:

    My idea of camping is a night at Motel 6, Stacey. I’ll be thinking of you and hoping for the best!!! xoxo Debi

  5. I am laughing and dying of envy all at the same time! I am beyond salivating with jealousy! I am laughing trying to imagine you lugging all the stuff you did to go for the weekend yoga retreat in Vernonia – Deciding which few things you can bring for this adventure will surely give your friend a good laugh too : ) Bring perfume for your camel – I hear they can be quite smelly and oh ya, a tooth brush, too, Sweetie! xo

  6. Something we very much wanted to do, but did not have time for…… looking forward to hearing all about it. It was a long trip from Marrakesh, so we decided to concentrate on things within a two hour drive. Have fun!!!!

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